Another day another rehearsal

Every week The Wardrobe seems to be coming together stronger and stronger, with new ideas  as well as the actual Wardrobe forming (and falling) into place. 

With every whisper of nursery rhymes and screaming roundheads and cavaliers storming across the stage, this play is certainly due to be a performance to remember. Who knows what promising ideas will sprout by next weeks rehearsal……….

Clemmie Pollard (cast member)


First Rehearsal Blog

Soo first blog of The Wardrobe

Did the first run through today, this is the first time we have seen each others scenes and the contrast is so interesting. There are scenes that make you laugh out loud and scenes that make you silent with horror. I’m pretty sure when we actually know our lines it is going to be really good. Can’t wait for Soho!!

Helen Bartsch (cast member)